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Full Review of SurveyTime in India With Proof

Are Curious to know whether SurveyTime is Legit or Not ? How is SurveyTime for Indian People ? Or you want to see the Payment Proof of SurveyTime India then read the Surveytime review till the end

Join Surveytime


Surveytime is a survey site that was founded in 2018 by – a company that helps app developers monetize, market, and acquire users. 

Unique Feature of Surveytime

Surveytime stands out from other survey sites as it has 0$ minimum payment requirement. Moreover they offer a flat 0.5$ and 1$ on each survey you complete

Who Can Join Surveytime

  • Age Requirements : None ( For users under age of 18 will require parental supervision )
  • Country Requirements : International
  • Payout Information : Verified email, verified PayPal, and verified phone number.

How Surveytime Works

Surveytime, like most survey sites, basically acts as the middleman between paid surveys and survey takers. They help brands conduct market research and they help people like us make money by sharing our opinions.

How to Join SurveyTime as a Survey Taker in India

  • Visit this link to sign up
  • You will be then asked some questions to build your Profile
  • After you complete the Profiler you will be redirected to's dashboard
  • Make sure you have turned on your browser and email notification so that you never miss any survey opportunity. 

If you receive any survey opportunity it doesn't mean that you will be getting $1 or $0.5. You won't qualify for every survey you take and you may not always have paid surveys available.

Surveytime Payment Proof

I have received payments on multiple instances from Surveytime. Here I am attaching the payment proof from the first one which I received.

Surveytime Customer and Support

In case you have any query or you are stuck anywhere you will need to contact the customer support staff of SurveyTime. But they don't even have a dedicated customer support page ! Don't worry we have got you covered

  • [email protected] This is one of the email addresses featured on their privacy policy for customer support. However if you send any message on it, you are unlikely to receive any reply from Surveytime.
  • [email protected] This is the mail address that spams your email whenever you have any survey opportunity. You may get a reply but it will be delayed for sure.
SurveyTime has to improve its customer support a lot in order to become a really good survey site

Is Surveytime Legit or a Scam?

Surveytime is definitely a legit survey site for users who want to earn money in India. 

What We Like about SurveyTime

✔️Parent company was established in 2011 and is well-known in the market research space 
✔️Its Website is fully functional and there are no signs of lame mistakes in grammar or anything else which speaks for their legitimacy
✔️Anyone who is interested can sign up and start earning money
✔️Instant Payout after you complete a survey
✔️Flat 0.5$ and 1$ is sent to your PayPal Account after you complete a survey

What We Don't Like about SurveyTime

❌You can expect getting disqualified regularly if you aren't for any survey
❌There's no proper support by the Surveytime Team
❌Not Every Indian has a PayPal Account, if you are one of them then either make a PayPal account or try out other survey sites
❌Moreover there is isn't as many survey opportunities when compared to other survey panels.
❌Each survey pays you fixed amount therefore doing any survey which has really long duration (example a 30 min survey)  isn't justified for getting a $1 reward

Are you Not able to Complete Surveys?

  • Whenever you get a survey complete it instantly 
  • Keep a sharp eye on your emails
  • Turn on your desktop notifications
  • Even after that if you are unable to complete a Survey from Surveytime make sure you are not using a VPN while answering a survey. As survey portals will detect that you were using a VPN and ultimately ban you from accessing a survey
  • Pay attention to each and every survey question. Sometimes you may miss the fact that surveys asks some questions that are not related to the survey but to test your concentration on the questions asked. If you answer that question randomly you will be disqualified even if you answered all other questions with honesty. 
  • Lastly be honest while answering surveys.

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SurveyTime is a survey site that may be praised for its instant rewards for every survey you complete. The flat rewards of $1 and $0.5 are really promising for Indian people who are yet to make any money from survey sites in India. But at the same time people who have some experience in earning online in India they will acknowledge the fact that you can earn a lot more than what SurveyTime offers. 

✔️ is a decent money making site for Indian People

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