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PaidViewPoint Surveys : Should You Join it in India in 2022

PaidViewPoint is one of the survey sites which I joined back in 2018. Let's see how much money I made from PaidViewPoint till now and is it worth joining in India in 2021 against the likes of YouGov, ValuedOpinions, The Panel Station, LifePoints and other mainstream money making sites 

Overview of PaidViewPoint

If you visit the PaidViewPoint Panel's website in 2021 you would feel that you are visiting a website from 2010's. The old UI can be a game changer if you are going to signup for this particular survey site for the first time.

Although if we take a closer look we find that the website dev's are still active and they did come out of their lovely couch to make changes of the social log ons and the copyright year in the footer section just shouts that the website is still active in these years.

PaidViewpoint is operated by (Ask Your Target Manager) which is operated by Umongous, Inc. The social media handles of the PaidViewPoint are active although aren't so famous giving an indication of the site PaidViewPoint not so popular.

Signing Up for PaidView 

The Registeration of PaidViewPoint is free of cost and can be done by visiting this link.

Contact And Support

PaidViewPoint offers a email based support system and here is the official email [email protected], in case you need any support from their staff


PaidViewPoint offers PayPal Payment for Indian Users and other global users. Completing any survey offers direct dollars into the user's account which can be withdrawn upon reaching the threshold.

Threshold : 25$ for new users which is gradually brought down to 5$ for trusted users

Refer And Earn

PaidViewPoint offers a flat 20% referral rewards for users each time when they cash out. Interestingly they offer a VIP membership which allows the referre who has 100+ active members to get the referral earning even the users doesn't make a cashout

Earning Money From PaidViewPoint Survey

PaidViewPoint is seemingly a unique kind of survey site which offers Trait Score ( can be coined as your points for honesty with PaidViewPoint ). For making the most of PaidViewPoint survey the site clearly mentions that you need to have 9000 Trait Points, which in turn will make you eligible for the higher valued surveys.

You get a trait survey, one per day, which is PaidViewPoint's Profiler surveys that will ask you 10 questions and reward you with a handful of traitscore and of course 0.03$. During my journey with PaidViewPoint I was a lot sceptical as I did thought of their old school UI and the never reaching 25$ amount by these 0.03$ trait surveys. But PaidViewPoint did have some surveys which helped me reach $3.43 in a span of 3 years

The higher your TraitScore, the more often you will receive biz surveys, and you also get paid more. So you'll start off slow and after building up some momentum you'll be earning at a higher rate than when you started. I think my TraitScore was at 600 when I started. This is what is stated explicitly on the website about the value of your TraitScore

Your goal is to achieve a TraitScore of 9000 or better. That will place you in the top 10% of PV members and means you will earn more for each answer.

Given the fact that you won't be notified for trait surveys and you need to keep a track for normal PaidViewPoint Survey I would say this to be another survey site which takes a lot of patience to get a reward from. Users who are new should try these Best Paid Survey Sites in India or if you want you can sign up for PaidViewPoint here.

If you want to make a steady income which isn't really possible with survey sites then you should defenitely go for the How to Make Money In India Online Without any Investment

Is PaidViewPoint A Scam?

PaidViewPoint is a legitimate Paid Survey Site but it is not so good at least for users in India given the long amount of time you would need to wait and the level of patience you would need to have 

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