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ValuedOpinions Review- Earn Money from Paid Surveys in India is it Fake?

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ValuedOpinions ... Have you ever heard about this survey site and did you ever take a paid survey from them? Is ValuedOpinions Legitimate and will it Pay you.. Let's See

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Valued Opinions is a paid survey site which give rewards to users who want to share their opinion. It is owned by Dynata a leading market research company

How To Join Valued Opinions In India in 2021

Anyone who is a resident of India can join, there is no membership costs and once you signup at and verify your email address you are ready to go. You can access valuedopinions surveys by logging into the valuedopinions website and you will find the survey opportunities right in your dashboard. 

How to Earn money from ValuedOpinions

The main source of making money on Valued Opinions in India is to do the paid surveys on the available on the Valued Opinions Dashboard itself

Valued Opinions emails you if they have any available survey opportunity for you but you must also log in to Valued Opinions Dashboard if didn't receive any email from to not miss any ongoing surveys. Make sure you are not very inconsistent while giving any survey. If you do that and get caught by the system then you might face disqualification from the survey and you won't receive a single penny. Moreover if you do this regularly you might not receive any surveys from Valued Opinions.

How Do I Make the Most of Valued Opinions Surveys

Valuedopinions Surveys are easy to do but you should also keep in mind that each survey has a certain timelimit until which it will remain open. So you must try to complete a surveys as soon as you can.

If you get disqualified from valuedopinions surveys despite you gave honest answers and this is happening regularly then, Fill in your profile on the valuedopinions website to make sure you get surveys which according to your profile. Moreover if you use VPN while giving surveys then please stop that as it not any leads to disqualification from a survey it can also mean you can be banned from the valuedopinions website

Redeeming Rewards

Once you have 400 points in your valuedopinions Account you can exchange for various E-Gift Cards. Members who choose to redeem their earnings by e-gift certificate, often receive their payments instantaneously, or within a few hours. Physical gift cards usually take approximately 2 weeks for processing and mailing.

Payment Proof of Valued Opinions in India

My Personal Experience 

ValuedOpinions is a legitimate survey site from Dynata and it is similar to what OpinionWorld is. I have loved giving ValuedOpinions surveys when I was new to online earning. But as I diversified and found out other money making methods without investment like Testing, UHRS, etc, my journey with ValuedOpinions is not like that it used to.

Still ValuedOpinions will be in my elite list of survey panels that pays in India.

Why Join Valued Opinions in 2021?

✔️ valuedopinions provides a large base of surveys to you as they have direct inventory of Dynata surveys, Kantar and other companies too.
✔️ They send you notifications through email if you by chance miss any available survey opportunity
✔️ You can exchange gifts cards for 500 EPoints for ₹500 of various companies like Amazon, Flipkart and many other companies like Bata
✔️Gift Cards are usually delivered within 48 hours of withdrawal

Join ValuedOpinions

Valued Opinions is a Safe and Legit Survey Site

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Cons of ValuedOpinions

While you may be doing any survey it will be no surprise that you almost complete the ongoing survey but you were disqualified
No referral bonus on referring friends and family

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