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How to Earn ₹3000 monthly by Giving Paid Surveys in India

You want to earn money online in India and you don't know how to do it right but you haven't made a penny in the online community then what are you waiting for just give a read to this post till below to start earning money online in India using Paid Surveys.

How to Earn Money Online in India by Doing Paid Surveys

When it comes to online earning there are many available options and one of the option is to earn by doing surveys. Note that any paid survey sites will not make you rich overnight or you will earn ₹30000 monthly. If you are having a feeling to earn ₹30000 monthly by surveys then take a step back and quit this post because no paid surveys can ever assure to make more than ₹25,000 monthly

Some people may find it difficult to even earn ₹250 monthly while others could be making ₹200 a day easily by taking paid surveys. Survey Site cannot be a source of full time income it can be merely used as getting some extra cash.

How much I currently make by taking Paid surveys in India

Before I answer this question let me tell you something about me. By profession I am a full time student and therefore It's just whenever I like I do the Paid surveys I do them as a result I sometimes ignore the survey invitations on my mail. As a result whatever I do earn online vary from month to month.

If you really ask me to answer how much I make while doing paid surveys that is around ₹1000-₹4000

How to do Paid Surveys in India | How to Qualify for Most Paid Surveys

Now let's talk of some tips that you must remember while answering the surveys

  • Have Patience :  The first that thing you require while doing Paid surveys is to have patience, because if you get frustrated a lot while answering surveys from survey panels like The Panel Station and others then please note that you should look for another job. If you feel that you have some patience then you may first try out companies like Opinionworld.iṇ, LifePoints and Valued Opinions. If you are able to do surveys from these sites successfully then you may move on to sites like The Panel Station, YouGov, Telly Pulse. And again if you are able to do surveys from these sites you may move on to sites like and IndiaSpeaks.
  • Be truthful and honest while you are doing the survey. This will allow you to involuntarily remember your answer to the questions of the survey. I know being truthful is painful too but it brings up reward.
  • This is relative to the above point be attentive to the questions you answer while doing a survey. This is helpful for the fact that most survey sites asks the same set questions multiple times for checking that you are attentive while doin a survey. This will prevent your disqualification for a survey.
  • Attempt the survey as soon as you get a invitation. How often it might have happened with you that you did the survey completely but as soon as you got redirected to the survey panel, you were notified that you were disqualified. This happens for the fact that when you were doing the survey the company had met its required target, i.e, the number of people for that surveys had exceeding the given limit. So the proverb rules here too early bird catches the bug.

My Monthly Pocket Income 

My Monthly Pocket Income from the Paid Surveys is listed in the table below. 

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